Vibration Switch – Vibrostat KM526B

Vibration Switch – Vibrostat KM526B

Project Description

Vibration Switch – Vibrostat KM526

The Vibrostat (Vibraswitch) KM526B is a “vibration switch” vibration meter used for the protection of Rotary Machines, Cooling Towers, Vertical Shaft Impactors (VSI) and other applications against malfunction and can be detected by monitoring the vibration of the machine.

By performing vibration measurements on all three axes, the Vibration Switch can operate the machine through a relay or thyristor, turning it off when the vibration reaches the preset value.

The measurements are performed following the NBR 10082 standard, and the parameter used is speed, which presents a linear response over a wide frequency range.

These values ​​are calculated in mm / s (True-RMS), representing the total value of vibration that can be destructive to the machine.

The parameters that can be configured through the software are as follows:

Maximum vibration;

Extreme vibration;

Startup time;

Maximum time;

Measuring shaft.

 The maximum vibration value represents the value in which the equipment must act, avoiding the damage of the machine; Along with this parameter is the ‘maximum time’



When the limit set in the ‘maximum vibration’ parameter is reached, the Vibration Switch will only operate if this condition is maintained for a longer time than programmed in the ‘maximum time’ parameter and continuously.

The ‘extreme vibration’ parameter represents the value at which the KM526B will act immediately, preventing damage to the machine.

The ‘start-up time’ is the time the Vibrostat will wait to start monitoring, and can be used to wait for a machine to start up, because in the initial moments there may be vibrations that would cause the equipment to act improperly.

When the value measured by the Vibrator exceeds the ‘maximum vibration’ value for a time greater than the ‘maximum time’, or when the ‘extreme vibration’ value is reached, the equipment will act by changing the state of the relay or thyristor, Which is triggered via the RST led on its front.

In normal operation, the ON LED on the front panel will flash, indicating that the KM526 Vibrostat is in operation.

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