Vibration and Temperature Monitors Kenntech – M100E

Vibration and Temperature Monitors Kenntech – M100E

Project Description

Vibration and Temperature Monitors Kenntech – M100E

Kenntech’s Temperature and Vibration Monitors maintains consistent, real-time information on operating efficiency and provides the integrity of the machine and/or assistive devices.

The M100E System records all elements including the operating data collected and processed through a digital panel interconnected to the system that records real-time reading of all operating limits.

Developed for the application in monitoring of mining equipment, cooling towers, motor shafts in the most diverse segments and heavy machinery in general, the system has vibration scale in mm/s and allows to turn off the machine if it exceeds the pre-set value In the setup, as it shut the machine down if the temperature of the cartridge exceeds the preset maximum value.

The system provides instantaneous temperature and vibration readings and has a survivable / overtemperature alarm that operates before the system shuts off the machine, informing the operator of the possibility of damage. In addition to this information, it has a built-in hourmeter that allows programming maintenance routines and monitoring detrition.

Technical information

– Vibration Range: 0 to 100 mm / s

– Temperature range: 0 to 150 ° C

– Accelerometer: 0 to 5G in Enhanced Aluminum Case

– Accelerometer connection: Loop current (2 wires)

And Thread Connector Type ITC

– PT100 connection: 3-wire – 3 × 26 AWG cable

– Actuation on the machine: NC contact output (Max. 5 A – 250V)

– Audible alarm: output contact NA

– HMI: LCD + Keyboard

– Certifications: temperature and vibration compliance

– Power supply: Conventional 110 / 220V supply (supplied)

– Protection against overvoltage in the network

(Requires local Earth connection)

– electric cabinet (Optional)

– Connections in the cabinet: terminal strip SAK (Optional)



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