Kenntech’s Temperature and Vibration Monitor

Kenntech’s Temperature and Vibration Monitor

Project Description

Kenntech’s Temperature and Vibration Monitor

The Kenntech’s M-200 monitor make its vibration Reading on three-dimensional shape (X, Y and Z axis) and the temperature reading up to 4 different points of the equipment (for example, along the main axis of any big machine.)

That allows a better monitoring of the operating conditions of the machine, providing a reduction in the probability of interruptions of its operation

Other Advantages of the M200 system:

  • HM interface with complete information on the operating conditions of the machine;
  • Communication of data via RS 485;
  • Graphical monitoring of the vibrations values of the machine in real time;
  • Temperature reading module with up to 4 inputs for PT100;
  • Transient protection;
  • Easy operation and installation;
  • No maintenance required;


In addition to these advantages, the system can be supplied as an integral part of the equipment supplied by the customer (OEM), being then personalized with logo on the screen and other identifying characteristics

Technical Characteristics

Vibration Range: 0 to 100 mm/s;

Temperature Range: 0 to250°C;

Accelerometer: 0 to 5G in reinforced aluminum case (3 axes);

Accelerometer Connection: RS485 / Voltage 0 – 10V / Current 4 – 20mA / through thread connector type ITC;

PT100 connection: 3 wire –  3 x 26 AWG cable (up to 4 sensors);

Actuation on the machine: NG contact output (Max. 5A – 250V);

HMI: LCD Graphic + Keyboard;

Connections on the back panel: Dock connector assembly;

Over-Voltage protection in the network (requires local Earth connection)



Composes the KIT:

Temperature Measuring Module;

Accelerometer KVS52I;

Operation / Use Manual;




Electric panel with 24V DC power supply and terminal strip with M200 already mounted;

Cable for 4X26 AWG interconnection;

Valor under consultation (*)

  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Weigth: 1.8kg

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