Kenntech Digital Siren Trigger

Kenntech Digital Siren Trigger

Project Description

Kenntech Digital Siren Trigger


The KT-250 Digital Siren Trigger is an integrated clock timer that is capable of storing up to 55 alarm times, each with duration, output type, and different days of the week. At each scheduled time, it is possible to activate relays which in turn will trigger sirens, alarms or other signaling devices.

This makes it ideal for applications where multiple alarm times are required, such as in nursery schools, Timecards, irrigators, or to control shifts in companies or industries where there may be different times for each day of the week.

Technical information

– Power supply: 12VDC with external bivolt automatic source

– Current consumption: 150mA without any alarms triggered

– Number of alarms: 55

– Maximum audio output power: 5 WRMS

– Number of relay outputs: 2

– Maximum current per relay: 6F

– Connection of each relay: NO + NF

– Fixing: Screws

– Dimensions: 121x80x34 mm

– Other features: Internal battery to keep time counting even when not powered


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